Every photo from Project Wendepunkt is for sale, but can only be sold once – this is limited edition pur sang.

You can buy a single Photographic C-Type (Color Utrecht) in three edition sizes:

  • 20×30 cm Photographic C-Type print
  • 30×45 cm Photographic C-Type print
  • 40×60 cm Photographic C-Type print

You can buy a framed (Swaak Utrecht) Photographic C-Type in three edition sizes:

  • 30×40 cm including a mount
  • 40×60 cm including a mount
  • 50×70 cm including a mount

To retain its archival properties, each print comes with an archival label including title, size, print type, edition number (#1) and signature. If preferred the front of the print can be signed and numbered instead upon request.

 Prices run from € 85,00 to € 325,00 – excluding shipping costs. To order, contact me at m.a.m.riel@live.nl

003 - Donderdag, 21 juni 2012, Utrecht